How Can I Be of Help?

Stress and anxiety are such commonplace terms and yet suffering from these conditions can be extremely debilitating. Although the situation is improving, too many are still left to feel embarrassed or ashamed and suffer in silence as a consequence. For some, these feelings are the result of specific circumstances such as work pressures or illness, whilst for others they can be the culmination of a variety of issues. Often the causes are deep rooted. Many people feel a constant sense of anxiety but do not really know why.

Our lives are built around a complex web of relationships and when these go wrong a wide range of feelings can surface from anger to sadness, fear to emptiness. We can experience relationship difficulties with a spouse or partner, child or parent, another family member or a friend. Some people will have suffered relationship problems throughout their lives and may have unresolved issues going back many years. Others may long to be in a relationship but despair of ever being successful.

Bereavement is one of the most distressing experiences that we will encounter. As well as sadness, the grieving process can unlock other emotions and often those grieving will feel guilty or confused regarding those feelings, further compounding their suffering. Grief can become stuck, making it difficult to move on, sometimes even after a period of years. Those encountering other major losses such as health, career or home may experience feelings very similar to bereavement.

The above represent only a snapshot of the issues that I may be able to help you with. Others include: abuse, addiction, anger, depression, goal setting, illness low mood and relaxation There are many more. Alternatively, it might be that you do not feel quite right but cannot put your finger on as to why.