Sleep- In recent times, the link between sleep and wellbeing has been increasingly emphasised. It is certainly true that too little sleep can be detrimental to good physical and mental health as indeed can too much. Advice regarding turning off electronic devices, not eating too close to bedtime, keeping the bedroom cool etc. is all sensible and can be effective.
However, the whole industry built around sleep can actually have a detrimental effect. There are now numerous sleep apps on the market including those that enable you to measure your sleep performance and compare it against a good sleep score. For many, sleep has become the new exercise. The paradox is though that often the harder we try to sleep the more elusive it becomes and instead we experience a form of performance anxiety. The truth is that no matter what processes we follow and how sophisticated our apps are, we simply cannot guarantee a good night’s sleep. Moreover, in the real world it simply is not always possible to replicate elaborate pre- sleep rituals night after night. It is often better to stop striving, enjoy the relaxation that rest can bring and accept what sleep the night (or day) brings.
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