Around Easter we had some lovely weather and I can recall having a very enjoyable walk in Knole Park, Sevenoaks. My spirits were lifted and I felt really refreshed after a day working. The benefits of exercise for both mental and physical health are indisputable and recent research has also pointed to the beneficial effects of regular exposure to nature. The Japanese therapy known as Shinrin- yoku or forest bathing has, in particular, gained media attention.
Unfortunately though, communing with nature on a regular basis is not always easy. The recent wet weather is a reminder that conditions are not always on our side. Most of us have time pressures and for some exercise can be a physical challenge.
What we can still do though is visualise those places that are special to us as individuals and doing so can help us relax and have a greater sense of wellbeing. You may like to close your eyes now and imagine a place that is special to you. Perhaps it is in the countryside, or a walk along a beach or the top of a mountain; whatever works for you. As well as visualising that place it is good to engage with all the senses, recalling, for example, any sounds relating to that memory.
If you feel this might work for you and would like to explore the technique further, please get in touch.