Counselling Options

My aim is to provide you with a range of flexible counselling options. I offer online counselling via Zoom and Skype. Online counselling has proved to be convenient and highly effective during the pandemic, particularly for those who are not able to travel for whatever reason. You are also welcome to book appointments for face-to-face counselling at my home in Sevenoaks. This is a quiet location with ample parking.

Finally, you may want to consider walk and talk counselling in Knole Park, Sevenoaks or other locations in the vicinity. I talk more about walk and talk counselling elsewhere on this site. I am happy to mix and match these options throughout our time together.

I offer counselling seven days per week from early morning to late evening and weekend mornings. Other timings can also be considered on application.


How I Work

Each person is unique with very different life experiences and challenges. My focus is upon you as an individual and I will try to best understand what it feels like to walk in your shoes. In my experience the best results are achieved where client and counsellor collaborate together rather than the counsellor presenting as an expert who always follows the same formula.

As an integrative counsellor I can offer a range of approaches to support you. For example, you may want to understand how childhood experiences have made you the person you are today or perhaps your focus is more upon dealing with a challenge in the here and now. Alternatively, you may be looking to find meaning in your life or understand your future direction. As well as talking through your challenges, I can also offer practical tools and techniques where appropriate such as how to help change unhelpful and irrational thought patterns or introduce relaxation exercises into your routine.

Counselling can be an emotionally draining experience and I will try to put you at ease and go at a pace that is comfortable for you. In my experience, many clients can also find counselling interesting and stimulating as we work together towards a shared goal.

Therapy can last any time from a few sessions to a number of months or even years. Much depends on you as an individual and what your goals are. We will discuss this during the introductory session and review progress as regular intervals throughout.

I am able to help you with a wide range of issues including but not restricted to:

Relationship Issues and Couples Counselling: Couples counselling is one of my specialisms and there is more information here. Additionally, I work with individuals on a wide range of relationship issues such as: relationship challenges with family and friends; difficulties in having/retaining relationships; affairs and betrayals; communication problems; social anxiety and; loneliness.

Anxiety and Stress
Anger Management
Behavioural Issues
Chronic Illness
Gender Issues
Life Transitions and Meaning
Men’s Issues
Self Esteem
Sexual Problems

Session Cost: Fees: £60-£70 per hour for individuals and £70-£80 for couples.

I also hold a small number of concessionary spaces.

Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy
Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviour.
Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory
Certificate in Couple and Relationship Therapy