Relationship Therapy for Couples

We tell ourselves that intimacy (and marriage) takes two people who are willing to work at it- but, unfortunately we rarely have the slightest inkling of our “job” assignments in this project - David Schnarch.

I will provide a safe and welcoming space to ensure each partner in the relationship has a voice that is listened to and respected. There is often something powerful and transformative about a partner revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings during a session and this can help build empathy and a clearer sense of direction. (Re)building communication and understanding are frequently the first steps on the path to recovery.

I work with a wide range of issues that may occur within relationships including: loss of desire; poor communications; conflicts and arguments; sexual issues; affairs, infidelity and trust; differing outlooks and goals and; life decisions. As well as looking together at the root causes of your challenges, we will also look forward to identify opportunities for both the relationship and the individuals within it to grow and develop.

It is often useful for partners to have exercises to work upon between sessions in order to practise what has been discussed when we meet. For example, each partner might want to set out their relationship priorities and then share these at or before the next session or perhaps it is a good opportunity to practise communication skills. After the first few meetings, we often find that fortnightly sessions offer the best rhythm for couples counselling in order to give more time to build these exercises into our busy lives and to practise what has been learnt. However, you will not be pressurised into completing any of these and I will be flexible around timings so that they work best for you.

Of course, you may decide after counselling that the relationship should come to an end. If so, I will ensure that you have a calm and secure environment in which to plan for the future and move forward with your lives.